Why Does Mom Need Your Support?
Breast Cancer is a disease that not only affects Mom, but affects the entire family adding to the stress and guilt patients often feel for placing this "burden" on her family. We help relieve as many of these stressors as possible so that mom can rest, relax, and focus her energy on not just battling breast cancer, but mindfully conquering it. At Mommy Has Breast Cancer we understand that the difficulties that come with a diagnosis of breast cancer can often tear families apart. We also understand however that with proper intervention and support for the family we can help families not only survive this battle, but thrive and come closer together instead of being torn apart.

Donate In Memory of Talika Dennis-Carter
Talika was a courageous young inflammatory breast cancer fighter.  She was diagnosed at 31 years of age and given only 6 months to live, but because of her determination, her faith and her incredible strength she was able to defeat this disease for many years.  Talika’s journey ended in 2015, but her spirit and her joyful heart will forever live on.  Read more about Talika’s journey, why she is so amazing, and why we Love her so much…


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